Cooks are almost artists, they create a work of art with their unique attitudes, the flavors they add to the dishes and the plate decorations. Of course, being a good cook requires being creative, but knowing some tricks is also very important. Here are some tricks that every cook should know!

1- Heat the spices: Using the spices hot affects the taste of the food. For this reason, if you haven’t tried it, add spices to the olive oil you have heated in the pan. You won’t believe the flavor of this recipe!

2- Do not use sugar only in desserts: When it comes to sugar, we only think of making desserts, but in fact, there are many dishes in the kitchen where we can use sugar. For example, adding a pinch of sugar to tomato dishes will increase the flavor of the dish tenfold. Be sure to give it a try!

3- Do not put too much food on the plate: The way a cook decorates the plate is very important. If you want to decorate your plate successfully, you should never put too much food. Put food on 1/3 of the plate and decorate it with sauce, cinnamon or cocoa depending on the type of food. The appetizing look of the plate will make you the star of the kitchen.

4- Make sure to reuse the leftover ingredients: Preventing excessive waste is one of the elements that will make you a quality chef. For this reason, make sure to reuse the leftover ingredients while cooking. For example, wouldn’t it be perfect to make a delicious soup from chicken bones or a delicious dessert from stale bread?


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