After a long and tiring day, you want to watch a documentary, but you couldn’t decide what to watch.Here are a few recommendations for you.

The Price of Everything (2018)
The production, which has two Oscar nominations, is trying to discover how art is valued. Experts in their field, such as artistic content producers and auction organizers, also contribute to this research.

Our Planet (2019)
This mini-series, which the BBC has been working on for 4 years, is about the harsh conditions of wildlife facing climate change. The production, which was prepared with a team of 600 people who visited 50 countries on different continents to assess the effects of humans on flora and fauna, is narrated by the famous naturalist David Attenborough.

The True Cost (2015)
Exploring the inner secrets of the fashion world, this documentary explores the many aspects of “What is the price of fashion?” he is looking for the answer to his question. Researchers visit not only fashion shows, but also third world countries behind the scenes, revealing shocking facts about the industry.

Fire in Paradise (2019)
Recently, wildfires that threaten the entire world have become a global problem for humanity, but the tragedy that occurred in the fall of 2018 in Paradise City, California, may not have been heard by many of us. The tragedy in the town, which burned down in a fire caused by a malfunction in the power lines, is told through the eyes of the residents of the town.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016)
Together with experts, documentarian Werner Herzog explores the past of the World Wide Web and makes predictions about its future. With this research, to which Elon Musk also contributed, Herzog wants to find out how the Internet has managed to become such an important part of our lives, revealing that even Tibetan monks check their Twitter accounts after meditations.

Ice on Fire (2019)
The subject of this documentary, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is the ecological crisis. Unlike the others, if action is taken before it is too late in this production, it is underlined that the hopes for humanity have not yet been exhausted. The film shows what steps can be taken in this regard.

Why Are We Creative: The Centipede’s Dilemma (2018)
The production was prepared by Hermann Vaske, who conducts research on creativity by communicating with directors, painters, musicians and scientists. Trying to figure out how to take control over creativity, Vaske interviewed more than 100 people.

The Cleaners (2018)
This project opens the curtains of the “digital cleaning” activity carried out to remove unnecessary information from the Internet. The creators of the production, in which 5 experienced people share their professional secrets, are also interviewing people from different parts of the world affected by censorship on the Internet.

Apollo 11 (2019)
This documentary about the astronauts’ landing on the moon contains some videos and interviews that have not surfaced. The aim of the project is quite simple; to eliminate the doubts that are still quite strong about the reality of the incident.

Visages Villages (2017)
the production, which received an Oscar nomination in 2018, is directed by Agnes Varda and photographer J. Varda, who travel around the suburbs of France.R.it is about the adventures of . The documentary offers a wonderful look at unusual friendships and the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

One Strange Rock (2018)
A wonderful documentary series about the mysteries of our planet, which are being tried to unravel by thousands of scientists every day. The production gives interesting information about the place of science in the modern world and the goals of discoveries.

Wild Amsterdam (2018)
The documentary, which shows life in Amsterdam through the eyes of a cat named Frist and other animals, shows that the city offers a warm and comfortable environment not only for people, but also for animals.


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