Cooking, one of the most enjoyable professions in the world, is almost an art! In order to perform this unique art, you need to receive an excellent education. If you are dreaming of becoming a world-famous chef, we have listed the 5 best gastronomy schools in the world for you. Moreover, these universities, which should be preferred by those who want to be the star of the kitchen, are in the most beautiful cities of the world!

1- Culinary Institute of America

One of the most prestigious schools in the world is enough to make you an excellent chef! This unique school is legendary with its academic staff of world-renowned chefs.

2- Le Cordon Bleu

Who wouldn’t want to study cookery in Paris, the most romantic city in the world? You will definitely leave this school as a world-renowned chef, where you will take lessons from award-winning chefs.

3- Johnson & Wales University

This school, which not only offers cooking but also business, tourism and hospitality education programs, is an excellent option for those who want to be the star of the kitchen.

4- DCT Swiss Hotel and Culinary Arts School

Located in Switzerland, which is famous for its natural beauties, this school will surprise you with the opportunities it offers. Moreover, you can become a cook by taking only 6 months of cooking training from this school! Isn’t it incredible?

5- Apicius Culinary Institute

How about an unforgettable cooking training in Florence, Italy? This school, where you will take lessons such as cooking, pastry and wine education, is one of the best gastronomy schools in Europe. If being a world-renowned professional chef is your dream, you should definitely select here.


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