Some people set an example for their environment with their success.In this article, we will take a look at the 8 most prestigious chefs in the world with their stories that make you say wow in the kitchen.Let’s get started.

Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck, the only chef to have received the Outstanding Chef of the Year Award more than once, continued the success he achieved at Spago by opening Chinois on Main in Santa Monica in 1983. He opened Postrio after the Chinois on Main, known as the restaurant that formed the basis of fusion cuisine in America. The famous chef, who has become a brand by constantly adding a new one to his successful restaurants, is the owner of countless restaurants today.

Gordon Ramsay
After a 5-year career as a chef, he took a break and went to the Caribbean and worked as a private cook for 1 year. When he returned, he became Rossmore’s partner with a 10% stake. by opening Gordon Ramsay in 1998, the chef, who received three Michelin Stars in three years, had already made his reputation known to the whole world. Gordon Ramsay, a global brand today, is almost a success story with his restaurants, books, consulting and TV shows such as Duel of Chefs.

Thomas Keller
The world-famous chef, who owns Napa Valley Restaurant, The French Laundry and Perse, is also known for his consulting work on films such as Ratatouille and Spanglish. the chef, who crowned his career with a Michelin star in 2005, managed to go down in history as the only chef in America who managed to get three Michelin stars for two different restaurants.

Ferran Adria
The chef, known as the pioneer of Molecular Gastronomy, was cited as the “Salvador Dali of Cuisine” by Gourmet magazine. For Adria, whose many books have been published, cooking is art. He even managed to get into the list of “The 100 Most Important People” of Time magazine.

Alain Ducasse
Ducasse has 14 restaurants in 7 different countries. Ducasse, who won the Michelin star at the age of 33 and was awarded the title of the latest Michelin-starred chef of his time, is also known for his stylish style of clothing, which is more like a diplomat than a cook. Alain Ducasse, who decided to become a chef when he was just 12 years old, is a master who even many world-famous chefs today still have things to learn from him.

Jamie Oliver
The chef, who drew attention to the need to feed children better with the Feed Me Better campaign, has always attached importance to social responsibility campaigns. With Jamie’s Great Escape, which he shot in 2005, he participated in the caravan adventure that decorated the dreams of many people by eating.

Marco Pierre White
Even in order to get one of the gastronomic world, the famous chef, who pushed the stars he had been working day and night for years, decided to live the second spring in his career by starting again. Marco Pierre White, who has left aside his Michelin star and opened bistro and steak house concept restaurants, is a decisive name who can make a place famous with a single recommendation thanks to the confidence he gives about eating and drinking.

Julia Child
Julia Child, along with her television program, which began in 1963, further attracted the attention of the American public. Although he was criticized for recommending the use of asbestos sheets to make baguettes, which later turned out to be carcinogenic, he immediately corrected this mistake and became one of the beloved chefs throughout his life.


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