Born in Desenzano, a quiet town around Lake Garda, chef Maria has become one of the most talked about chefs in the world today. The chef, who impresses not only with her delicious food, but also with her beauty, says that she was inspired by two different culinary cultures: Milan and Naples. Maria, whose father was born in Naples and her mother was born in Milan, says that she tasted delicious Italian food at the house where she grew up.

Growing up in a house where delicious smells always come from the kitchen must have excited the beautiful chef. But Maria’s cooking adventure begins when her grandmother gives her recipes. The chef, who has learned old family recipes, impresses the whole family by adding her own imagination and creating fascinating dishes. The charming chef, who says that she loves to cook Italian pasta with lots of sauce and carbonella, serves the most famous dishes of her country by making them as beautiful as herself.

Maria chef’s motto is to make the famous dishes known around the world even more delicious by adding her own style. For this reason, a classic Italian pizza made by Maria may seem to you the most delicious dish in the world! The chef, who gives a different perspective to the classic dishes, is taking firm steps towards becoming the most beautiful cook in the world.
Maria’s secret is to always use natural products grown in her country. Believing in the uniqueness of the taste of natural products, the chef does not include any artificial ingredients in her meals.


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