Born in the Stuttgart/ Germany, Sven Ritzmann is one of the cooks who fell in love with his job. Ritzmann, a southern German, describes himself as hardworking and passionate. But we think he is much more than that! Talented chef Sven Ritzmann with a big heart is about to become a global brand with his delicious dishes. Although his area of interest is the food of his own country, Ritzmann takes great pleasure in making and eating dishes belonging to each cuisine. Ritzmann has a great passion for his job and he instills this in his colleagues as well. So much so that he builds a relationship with his team almost as if they are close friends. For this reason, Ritzmann’s team emphasizes at every opportunity what a funny and entertaining chef he is. If you look at Sven Ritzmann’s instagram account, you can easily understand this!

Sven Ritzmann says that he likes to make people laugh very much at every opportunity, also manages to make them happy with his food. According to Ritzmann, the smile on the faces of people who eat the dishes he makes gives him incredible happiness.

In addition, Ritzmann never stops discovering new flavors and recipes as a chef all the time. His passion for cooking and imagination, which he has never been able to rein in, are the biggest reasons for our chef’s success. You should definitely follow Sven Ritzmann to eat the most delicious dishes in the world from the hands of a chef who is devoted to his work with love!


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