They have hard working hours, so he knows how to have fun

They dominates the restaurant map of the city, he knows where to take you.

They spends the whole day cooking, They knows patience.

The human being knows the pleasure of feeding, They are satisfied.

They dominates the small details of life, They do not miss.

They are used to constantly trying something new, They are brave.

The kitchen makes a person mature.

They have gone through difficult trainings, They do not run away at the first opportunity.

They sees that a spice makes a recipe, They appreciates it.

Cooks are closely interested in the calorie and nutritional value of the dish, as well as its taste. When you are sick, it is possible to recover in a short time thanks to the delicious and nutritious soup varieties prepared by them.

Unlike men, women want order at home. Cooks who serve food to dozens of people every day and need to be regular for their job are a good housemate. When you are not at home, your eyes are not left behind.

Cooks who are tired all day like to have fun in their free time.

Unlike the day-to-day relationships that have taken place over the past few years, cooks are a faithful lover. He can do all kinds of crazy things so as not to lose you.

Cooking and presenting are teamwork. Cooks who work with a crowded team mature over time.

Cooks, who pay attention to small details due to their work, understand very well the female spirit that cares about every moment she lives, measures and weighs every word in depth.


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