The star of the kitchen, Pierluigi Saffioti, also known as Chef Pier, is one of the world-renowned talented chefs. The talented chef, currently working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, impresses not only with the taste of the dishes he cooks, but also with his smiling face. Chef Pier, who has an excellent team, is one of the cooks who is in love with his job. So much so that he says; he doesn’t even work while he’s at work he is only having fun, just like meditating! Chef Pier, whose main goal is to destroy the “angry” chef perception in people’s eyes, impresses its customers with all its sincerity.

The chef, who received his culinary education in Italy, has mastered the dishes of almost all cuisines in the world. Genial chef, who adds his own style to every dish has crowned his talent with the incredible training he has received. Chef Pier has worked in many parts of the world such as Dubai, Melbourne and Shanghai, so he knows the food of different cultures very well! The biggest dream of Pier, who continues to cook in Saudi Arabia today, is to open his own restaurant one day. Considering how talented Chef Pier is, that’s not a remote possibility!


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